MAIC usually researched and compiled the list of urgently required medicines and medical equipment for paediatric hospitals through its Medical Team in Iraq. MAIC's Board Members also periodically visited Iraq to liaise and help compile those lists.

MAIC, during the period of the UN Sanctions, applied to the British Department for Trade and Industry to obtain the necessary authorisations from the UN Sanctions Committee and the relevant British Export License to Iraq. Once these authorisations were obtained, orders placed, paid for, air freighted to Amman, Jordan and from there transported by road to Iraq. In 2003 the UN Sanctions on Iraq were lifted and the lengthy process of export authorisation ended.

Up to 2003 MAIC's shipments were delivered to MAIC's Medical Team at the Medical City, Baghdad, where they were stored and distributed. Receipts were obtained upon delivery to the hospitals. Since 2003 and due to the escalation of violence, we have limited our delivery to paediatric hospitals in safer areas and mainly to teaching hospitals.
The Medical Team in Iraq, as well as MAIC's board members, periodically monitored that these shipments are properly used by the intended paediatric hospitals.

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