Newsletter 2002

Issue number 8 Autumn 2002


We have always hoped for the easing of UN sanctions which were imposed on Iraq since 1990, to allow Iraqis to resume a normal life. Instead, we are presently facing the possibility of a disastrous war on Iraq which will undoubtedly entail the loss of innocent civilian lives and increased hardship.

In light of these circumstances, we are most anxious about the health of millions of vulnerable children and the need to provide the sick with medical care. MAIC, with the support of its generous donors, will maintain humanitarian aid to paediatric hospitals and hopes to increase consignments of antibiotics and cancer drugs.

In 2002, MAIC succeeded in raising limited funds of £148,000 in spite of its decision to cancel last year’s annual fund-raising dinner, in a gesture of solidarity with other charities called upon to meet the pressing needs of the people of Palestine and Afghanistan.

Over the past few months, our endeavours were met by increasing support from the British community at large. Donations received were significant and helped us maintain the Charity’s humanitarian aid. MAIC was thus able to send £203,568 worth of medical supplies during this period.

At the threshold of a new year, I would like to wish you all peace and prosperity. My sincere thanks and gratitude go to all our generous donors, supporters and dedicated colleagues at MAIC, whose efforts have enabled the Charity to attain its objectives.

May Al-Daftari


• On 27th January 2002, a luncheon was held at Smollensky’s On The Strand for children aged 5-7. On 17th March a bowling afternoon was organised at Megabowl in Acton for children aged 13-17. MAIC’s Events Committee, at the initiative of Mr. Taymoor Marmarchi, organised these two children’s events aimed at raising the Charity’s profile and at highlighting the needs of sick Iraqi children. A total of £2,425 was raised from both events.

• On 14th February 2002, Mrs Tamima Ismail kindly hosted a ladies’ luncheon at her country residence in Surrey. This event was attended by 75 generous supporters and raised a total of £7,060.

• On 16th November 2002, MAIC held an Iftar meal at Noura Restaurant in London, sponsored by Mr & Mrs Ahmad Asseh. This event was attended by 130 generous supporters and raised a total of £28,600.

December 2001 - December 2002

Table 1:
Consignment for a 3-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Delivered on 3/4/2002

Total Value

Receiving Hospitals in Iraq
3 sirecust portable heart monitors plus 1 multiview workstation to complete the 3-bed ICU
Central Paeditric Teaching Hospital, Al-Tifl Al-Markazi, Baghdad*
*The delivery of a 3-bed ICU to the hospital commenced on 31st October 2000; However, the above equipment was late due to bureaucratic delays at the UN Sanctions Committee and the Office for Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in charge of US Export Licences. Since it’s delivery the ICU is now complete.

The above items were sponsored in the year 2000 through the generosity of the following donors; The Ousseimi Foundation, Mr & Mrs Jassim Jaidah, Mr. Ali Jaidah and Mr &Mrs Zouheir Achour.

Table 2:
Consignment of medical supplies, Delivered on 10th August 2002

Total Value

Receiving Hospitals in Iraq
£159,000 Cancer drugs, anti-sickness drugs, anti-infective drugs including antibiotics, anti-viral & anti-fungal drugs, vitamins, minerals & steroids, anticonvulsants, cardiac drugs & disinfectants. - Al-Mansour Paediatric Teaching Hospital, Baghdad
- Central Paediatric Teaching
Hospital, Baghdad
- Mosul Paediatric Teaching
Hospital, Mosul
- Al-Khadmiah Hospital, Baghdad
- Basra Paediatric Teaching
Hospital, Basra
- Al-Furat Al-Awsat Hospital,
The South
Consumables for Radiometer ABL625 Second hand British Medical Journals (BMJ’s)**
- Al-Mansour Paediatric
Teaching Hospital, Baghdad
**The second hand BMJ’s were generously donated by Dr. Amna S. Murad, Dr. Mercy Heatley and Dr. Peter Fisher.

This consignment was funded by the generosity of the following donors; Mr & Mrs A. Ismail, The Ousseimi Foundation, Shell International, ECHO International Health Services, Mr. B. Faidhi, Mr M Al-Daftari, Mr M.Sinjakli’s sponsored run, Rev’d J.J Stephenson and congregation, Mr & Mrs H.R. Farman-Farmaian, Mr & Mrs W.Haroun, Mr & Mrs H.Charchfachi, Rawtenstall Pakistan Islamic Centre, St. Andrew’s Church Council,
Hertford Quakers & Muslims, Mr & Mrs Y. Mirjan, Prof. S. Tabaqchali, Mr & Mrs B. Abou, Mr. S. Young, KRSF photograph competition prize to MAIC, Mr D. Salman, Dr. H. Haddad, Mrs H. Mathews, Mr & Mrs R. Rawi, Dr.
M. Heatley, Mrs V. Bazley, Mrs D. Nassar, Mr D. Mason, Mr & Mrs G. Muttwali, Mrs N. Jafar, Mr L. Swaidi, Dr A. Al-Sabti, Mr. G. Masters, Ms M. Rassam, Ms L. Fensterheim, Ms E. Shackle, Mr G. Drewett, Mr V. Dansie,
Welwyn Garden City Quakers, Revd A. Race, Mr G. Winter, Mrs M. D’Souza, Mrs M. Boughton, Mr & Mrs A.Khayatt, Mr & Mrs D. Fraser, Miss L. Attieh, MAIC’s events; Ladies luncheon hosted by Mrs A. Ismail, two children’s events as well as various anonymous donors.


Upcoming Medical Shipment MAIC is also presently compiling the next list of medicines and medical equipment that are urgently needed by paediatric hospitals in Iraq. The estimated cost of the list is approximately £140,000. All donations will be most appreciated.


MAIC wishes to thank and extend its gratitude to:

Rev’d John Stephenson of St. Chad’s church in East Herrington and his congregation for their support of the children in Iraq and their continuous generous donations to MAIC, which have totalled over £1,913 from August 2001 to date.

Dr. Norman and Dr. Mercy Heatley for showing deep concern for the children in Iraq. Dr. Mercy Heatley has withheld 7% of her personal income tax and donated it to MAIC in February 2002, to buy penicillin for paediatric hospitals in Iraq. Dr. Norman Heatley is the last survivor of the Oxford team who developed the antibiotic penicillin. The team worked hard to use penicillin to treat soldiers with infected wounds during the second world war. Once again, Mercy and Norman Heatley are trying to help treat infections by sending penicillin to sick Iraqi children.

Dr. Peter Fisher, Dr. Mercy Heatley and Dr. Amma S. Murad for being most instrumental in supplying us with the British Medical Journals (BMJ)’s to help their fellow medical colleagues in Iraq. They have been regularly sending the BMJ’s since 1999 and MAIC has been transporting and delivering the journals to the Medical Teaching Hospital at the Medical City and the Central Paediatric Teaching Hospital, Al-Tifl Al-Markazi.

• The British Medical Association (BMA) for donating 1200 medical books to hospital libraries in Iraq. MAIC received and delivered the books in 2001.

• Mr. Mark Sinjakli for running the Croxteth Park fun-run on Sunday 28th April 2002 in support of MAIC. MAIC is very appreciative of all the sponsors who have so generously supported the event, raising a total of £1,100.

• Mr. & Mrs Ahmed Tayeb for advising their friends to send donations to MAIC at the occasion of the birth of their son Seif on 25th August 2002. The donations totalled £2,700. MAIC wishes baby Seif good health and happiness.

• St. Andrews Rectory in Leicester, the Rawtenstall Pakistan Islamic Centre, the Hertford Quakers & Muslims, Welwyn Garden City Quakers, Malmsbury Justice and Peace Group and their congregations for periodically raising generous donations for our charity, totalling £1,181 in 2002.

• Week of Prayer for World Peace Organisation for awarding MAIC their Peace Award and for generously raising funds for MAIC totalling £505 in October 2002.


A new report, issued on 12 November 2002 by Medact, a UK organisation of health professionals, compiles the result on numerous studies, particularly the impact of sanctions on the health and environment in Iraq. This report
can be viewed on line at:


• Van Ambulance
As announced in MAIC’s last newsletter of Autumn 2001, Mr Nadhmi Auchi had kindly donated a van ambulance to MAIC, to be delivered to Al-Mansour Paediatric Teaching Hospital in Baghdad. However, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) withheld issuing the Export Licence, even though
the UN Sanctions Committee approved, on 28th November 2001, the export of the ambulance to Iraq. As the UN Licence has an approaching expiry date, Mr Auchi decided instead to donate $50,000 towards MAIC’s last medical shipment. MAIC is most grateful for Mr Auchi’s generous contribution.

• The Al-Mansour Bone Marrow Transplantation Programme for Iraqi children
On 20th September 2002, MAIC donated £6,000 towards a programme carried out by the Centre for Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral to train doctors and medical technicians from Al-Mansour Paediatric Teaching Hospital in bone marrow transplant. A team of five medics arrived in the UK on 5th September 2002 and underwent one month’s training at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The team included the Head of Al-Mansour Children’s Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, two haematologists, one oncologist and one female nurse.


• MAIC won first prize in the Karim Rida Said Foundation’s (KRSF) Annual Photography Competition, which was held among its project partners. MAIC received the prize of £350 on 22nd January 2002.

• The Gordon Wilson Peace Award of £250 was presented on 20 October 2002 by the ‘Week of Prayer for World Peace’ to MAIC for its humanitarian work in Iraq.


Board of Governors
Mrs Mazin Al-Daftari- Trustee & Chairman
Mrs Yassine Bouhara
Mr Hani Dajani - Trustee
Mrs H.R. Farman-Farmaian
Mr Hassan Hadad M.D.
Mrs Aboudi Kosta
Mrs Ali Khan
Mr Robert Mabro CBE - Trustee
Mr Sabah Mahmoud - Trustee & Treasurer
Mrs Charles Riachy - Trustee
Mrs David Sambar
Mrs Fatima Sheikh Khazaal - Trustee
Mr Bassam Zako
Mrs May Zako

Honorary Members
Mrs Wajih Al-Kaylani
Mrs Mashal Al-Nawab
Lady Beaumont
Prince Sixte de Bourbon-Parme
Prince de Chimay
Mr Nezar Haba M.D.
Mrs Abdullah Ismail
Mr Bruce Mathalone M.D.
Mr Abdul Karim Moudaris
Prof. Edward Said
Dr Raghdah Shukri M.D.
Mrs Hassan Smadi
Mrs Nezhat Tayeb
Lady Tooley
Mr Graham Walker M.D.

Medical Team in Iraq
Mr Jawad Khadem Al-Ali M.D.
Dr Ihasan Al-Bahrani M.D.
Mr Khalid Al-Obaydi M.D.
Dr Adel Al-Rawi M.D.
Dr Omar Al-Yaqubi M.D.
Dr Hussam Charmougli M.D.
Dr Hussain Malik M.D.

Jordanian Liaison Committee
Dr Zafer Al-Kayyali M.D.
Mrs Mounir Attalah
Dr Salwan Baban M.D.
Dr Hala Fattah
Dr Junaid Mahmoud M.D.
Dr Layla Sharaf
Mrs Hasan Shukri

Support Committee
Mrs Hashim Alani
Mr Taymoor Marmarchi
Mrs Rula Al-Chorbachi
Mrs Sara Tayeb Khalifa


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