To continue with its humanitarian aid MAIC depended totally on funds donated by charitable organisations, foundations, corporations, and individual donors as well as through MAIC's own fundraising activities.

Since its establishment, MAIC has gained increasing international recognition. Some of its most generous donors are The Department for International Development - (DFID) formerly The Overseas Development Administration (ODA), the Karim Rida Said Foundation and the Ouesseimi Foundation.

The increase in the number of fundraisers nationwide and of charitable foundations is a testament to the efficiency of MAIC's humanitarian work and ensured that MAIC continued to provide medical aid to children in Iraq until 2009.

MAIC has been able to raise the following sums since its establishment:

£245,186 in 2008
£208,135 in 2007
£350,253 in 2006
£348,603 in 2005
£266,342 in 2004
£292,666 in 2003
£149,736 in 2002
£235,400 in 2001
£385,987 in 2000
£412,642 in 1999
£333,687 in 1998
£284,550 in 1997
£108,833 in 1996
£152,358 in 1995


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